About Cibes Lift Group

Cibes Lift Group develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of vertical platform lifts, cabin lifts and stair lifts for public and private environments. Our lifts are designed and manufactured in Sweden and our distribution network is worldwide. Our product brands are Cibes Lift, Kalea Lifts and NTD Lifts.The business is run by Cibes Lift Group as overall group parent company with a number of subsidiaries listed below. The direct sales of the Group are supplemented by sales through an extensive network of distributors in 50 countries. Cibes international expansion takes place under the motto ”Access for everyone everywhere.” 

Find out more about Cibes Lift Group success factors below.

Facts in brief

Company name: Cibes Lift Group AB
REG.No.: 556527-5848
Head Office: Gävle, Sweden
Parent company: CL Intressenter AB
Turnover (2015):  MSEK 600
No. of employees:  340
CEO: Mats Engblom
Main owner: Investment company NALKA
Management Team: Mats Engblom CEO, Mathias Brandhammar CFO, Chris Roggeband Sales and Marketing, Lars Kronberg COO, Merijn Aldewereld MD of Aesy Liften in the Netherlands & Belgium, Samson Popovitz Director of China & Asia.
Group Structure: The business is run by Cibes Lift Group as overall group parent company with a number of subsidiaries, listed below.
Production and development: Lifts are made at Cibes Plant in Gävle, Sweden. The facility has a production area of more than 10 000 m2. Inventory cover more than 3500 items. Continuous product development is also carried out in Gävle.
Product Brands: Cibes Lift, Kalea Lifts, NTD Lifts.
Number of lifts installed: 32 000 





Proximity to market 

The Group markets lifts in more than 50 countries. Cibes' network of distributors covers more than 200 partners, and the company markets directly to customers via subsidiaries and distributor partners in selected countries. Overall, market proximity is vital for the rapid, ongoing international expansion phase for Cibes Lift Group.


"Made in Sweden" a force internationally

Consolidated lift solutions are developed and manufactured at Cibes in Gävle. Cibes Lift is a quality concept internationally. Development, production and expertise are gathered at the main plant in Gävle to secure quality levels. Work on streamlining in terms of logistics and distribution includes fast, safe transport to all over the world. Smart and practical packaging that provides smooth handling for the customer during installation.

Technical innovation and flexibility in design 

The Group's lift programs have been developed gradually over the years. The lifts have become more flexible and adaptable to different environments and customer requirements, installation has been simplified with project-specific modules and the accessories range has expanded.


Simplifies accessibility in existing buildings

When requirements for accessibility in existing buildings are tightened up, it is important that low speed lifts are able to be installed without extensive renovations. Cibes lift solutions make this possible. The lift designs are flexible, they require little space (including a minimal lift pit) and installation is simplified through module deliveries adapted to each project. Many of the smaller Cibes lift models can be installed in a few hours.

The drive solution with screw and nut technology

This technology offers many advantages compared with hydraulic lift and chain-driven solutions. It is straightforward and provides a smooth, quiet and safe ride. Installation is quick and simple.


Support for architects and contractors

A large number of Group employees possess many years of know-how on accessibility solutions for different environments. This knowledge is available to, for example, architects and contractors in their efforts to select, design and customize lift solutions. For architects, Cibes has invested in BIM (Building Information Modeling). Being able to download lifts as digital objects means a lot when they are simulating and presenting lift solutions.

Opportunities for architectural adaptation

Many choices in terms of materials, finishes, colours of the lift shaft and door models give designers ample opportunities to adapt their design to customize a lift solution to its surrounding environment.


From 2013 to 2015, subsidiaries were started up in Finland, Belgium, Hong Kong, Norway, China, Spain and France, all countries with considerable market potential. 

The Netherlands - Aesy Liften B.V.

Aesy Liften was founded in 2005 and acquired by the Cibes Lift Group in 2008. The company has offices in Zevenaar in the Netherlands. Aesy Liften maintains a strong market position in both Belgium and The Netherlands. All installations and service projects are carried out by its own staff.

For further information on Aesy Liften go to www.aesyliften.nl

Belgium - Aesy Lift België B.V.B.A.

Aesy Liften was founded in 2005 and acquired by the Cibes Lift Group in 2008. The company has offices in Antwerp, Belgium. Aesy Liften maintains a strong market position. All installations and service projects are carried out by its own staff.

For further information on Aesy Liften go to www.aesylift.be

Finland - Hissipörssi Yhtiöt Oy

Hissipörssi Yhtiöt Oy was established as a subsidiary in 2013 and has its office in Hyvinkää north of Helsinki. The company is the market leader in Finland within the low speed lift segment. More than 2000 lifts have been delivered to private and public environments.

For further information about  Hissipörssi Yhtiöt please go to www.hissiporssi.fi

Spain - Cibes Lift Ibérica S.L

In 2015, the subsidiary Cibes Lift Ibérica SL was established with headquarters in Madrid. Spain is an important market for Cibes Lift with high levels of demand for the Group's solutions from both the private and public sectors. The Spanish subsidiary is also responsible for marketing on the Portuguese market.

For further information about Cibes Lift Ibérica please go to www.es.cibeslift.com

Hong Kong - Cibes Lift Asia Ltd

The Cibes Lift Asia Ltd. subsidiary was established in 2015 with offices in Hong Kong. Cibes low speed lift solutions have been marketed in Southeast Asia for a number of years. This establishment is part of the goal of significantly increasing sales in emerging markets such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.

For further information about Cibes Lift Asia please go to www.cibeslift.asia

China - Cibes Lift AB Shanghai Company Ltd

Cibes Lift started up its subsidiary in Shanghai in 2015 and now has two offices in China. This establishment is part of the focus on greater market proximity to a very large market. Shanghai is Asia's second most important financial centre after Tokyo, and China's most dynamic and economically important city.

For further information about Cibes Lift Shanghai please go to www.cibeslift.cn

France - Cibes Lift France SARL

The French subsidiary Cibes Lift France SARL was established in 2015 with offices in Roncq in the Lille Region. The site was chosen due to its geographical proximity to Cibes Lift subsidiaries in Belgium and the Netherlands. Initially the objective is to cover northern France where the Cibes brand is already well established and known for its high quality level and timeless design.

For more information about Cibes Lift France SARL please go to www.cibeslift.fr

Norway - Cibes Lift AS

Cibes Lift Norge AS was founded in 2014 with its HQ in Straume outside Bergen. In 2015 a branch office in Kristiansand opened. The company installs low speed lifts in private and public environments and also carries out the modernisation of existing conventional lift installations. Cibes Lift Norge AS covers the entire Norwegian market and has its own qualified installation technicians with many years of experience in the lift business.

For further information on Cibes Lift Norge AS, please go to www.cibeslift.no

UK - Cibes Lift UK LTD

Axess4all and Platform Lift Solution will be merged in to forming Cibes Lift UK LTD from Jan. 2017 with headquarter in in Leicester and offices in London and Hartlepool. Cibes lifts have been installed and serviced in a variety of locations across the UK including shops, restaurants, offices and public buildings.

Sweden - Cibes Kalea Sverige AB

The brands Cibes and Kalea have been acting in Sweden since 1947 and 1898. Cibes Kalea Sverige are selling, installing and performing services for Cibes, Kalea and NTD lifts all over Sweden from offices in Gävle, Stockholm and Gothenburg as well as through dealers covering Sweden. 

International - Cibes Lift International AB

Cibes Lift International AB is selling lifts and services throughout a network of near 200 certified distributors in 48 countries representing the brands Cibes, Kalea and NTD. Located at the headquarters in Gävle there is a strong connection to the manufacturing providing the distributor network with adequate sales and technical support. Among others we provide our network of distributors with hands on installation & maintenance training in our Technical Training Center. Our personnel have long experience within the industry and at the company.


Middle East and North Africa - Cibes Lift MENA DWC-LCC


The Cibes Lift Group has a joint venture company with the Al-Qaqa Group in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Cibes Lift MENA DWC-LLC - will intensify marketing efforts for low speed lifts on priority markets in the Middle East, markets such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait. The company is a benefit for customers and distributors with closer service and support in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa).