Product Range

Cibes Lift Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of low-speed lifts. High quality Swedish engineering and beautiful design are the secrets behind our success. Our product portfolio offers you a wide choice of vertical platform lifts, cabin lifts and stair lifts. All our lift solutions are ready-made and delivered in manageable size packages in order to fast track logistics and installation.



Platform Lift

A customizable lift solution for use in commercial, public and private environments. The lift has a maximum load of 400 kg and lifting height of 13 meters. The A 5000 is available in eight different platform sizes (from 800 x 1217 mm to 1000 x 1967 mm).




Small Platform Lift

Designed for high accessibility and security in private homes with limited spaces. The model has the same design and is manufactured using the same screw and nut drive with its own shaft. The lift is easy to install and can be placed directly onto the floor without a lift pit.





Platform Lift for heavy loads

Developed for environments that require a lift solution to deal with heavy loads and bulky items. The lift is available in three platform sizes, the largest being 1405 x 2475mm. The lift can handle a load of up to 1 000 kg/8 people. The picture shows the entrance hall of Luleå Airport which is one location where this lift is installed.



Cabin Lifts

A spacious and elegant lift for existing shafts. Construction and installation work is minimized as the lift requires a lift pit of only 70 mm  and no machine room. All drive technology fits into the space in the engine at the back of the lift. The lift is also available with a luxurious cabin, for environments where there are high level requirements for design and comfort. The lift has its own shafts and both the lift and shaft can be supplied glazed.




Cibes Stairlifts are available in three models; SwingOn, S300 and S200. These lifts can be used both indoors and outdoors and in private and public environments.

To broaden our product portfolio we work with market leading suppliers of chairlifts and other accessibility lift solutions.